Monday, December 15, 2014

Song and Photograph of the Week - December 15, 2014

10 days until Christmas! Who is excited? I hope everyone got their Christmas cards out in the mail on time, and are getting all your Christmas presents wrapped! I am proud to say I am almost done shopping, and making ALL my presents. This also includes CLIENTS! Clients who have booked a full session this year might be getting something special ;)

The song of the week is from one of my favorite instrumental groups, Escala! Hope you enjoy Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

The photograph of the week is from January 2013. Seems like so long ago. But I haven't seen much frost and snowy conditions this year. So, no pictures of that to share from recently. Here you go, not sure what kind of leaf it is, but I love it!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Song and Photograph of the Week - December 1, 2014

December 1st ALREADY?! Can time just slow down a little? No? Okay :( I just have so much to do! I am sure everyone else feels the same about Christmas. Though, I am excited for 3 weeks of no school! Perks of being in college!

I heard an amazing song on the radio last week! Something in the Water - Carrie Underwood
The song has such a great message, and is very catchy to listen to!
Carrie talks about another one of her "religious" songs Jesus Take The Wheel - Carrie Underwood

"After I released 'Jesus Take the Wheel,' people started saying, 'Oh, it's kind of risky. You're coming out with a religious song,'" the 31-singer revealed, according to Esquire magazine. "And I was thinking, 'Really?' I grew up in Oklahoma, I always had a close relationship with God. I never thought it was risky in the least. If anything, I thought it was the safest thing I could do." Click HERE for the Christian Post article.

We took family pictures yesterday, yes, in the freezing cold!!! My sister was back from Eugene (she goes to U of O) for Thankgiving. So we took our picture for Christmas cards. I have taken pictures of  my sister and her boyfriend (Josh), for their anniversary. I have taken pictures of my parents for the Christmas card, and I was the only one left without a picture to go on the cards. My mom got to use her button clicking skills. I set everything up for her, and she took a great photo :)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Olivia and Josh | Dating 1 Year

In August, I got to photograph my sister and her boyfriend, for their 1 year anniversary of dating. They are such a cute couple, and quirky! I'm pretty sure in they are secretly models, just look at them. Pretty perfect if you ask me. You can see for yourself. :) Enjoy!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Song and Photograph of the Week - November 17, 2014

So 4 more days until the next Hunger Games movie (Mockingjay Part 1) comes out! 10 more days until I turn 22! 37 days until Christmas, GAH I have so much to do, I'm doubting any of you are ready yet :P. Only 44 more days until the new year! WHAT!? This year is going by way, way too fast. I will be working on updating everything, including going to a more digital format to cut down on business printing costs. This should also help you guys, my clients with the whole process :) I'm excited!

If you haven't looked at my Etsy shop Kisses and Wishes, you should! I've posted some Photoshop Christmas Card Templates! I made a few versions for my mom's Christmas card to pick from, and thought if anyone else wanted them :) If you don't have Photoshop, I can put your images onto the templates and email you JPG files of them! Templates HERE, and the custom listing for me to put your images in HERE. :)

I'm not sure where I heard this song of the week. I was instantly hooked! The beat builds so nicely, and its super catchy. I love the Google search bar on my phone, you can click the speaker button, and have it listen to the song. There's a little blue music note that lights up when it recognizes its a song, and it will tell you what it is. It's a very nice feature, helps me discover lots of new music. So the song of the week is Geronimo by Sheppard.

Photograph of the week is from 2 years ago. I did not venture out into the cold this year yet when it was snowy. SO here is one of my favorites of ICE!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Song and Photograph of the Week - November 10, 2014

I posted a couple weeks ago I took some pictures of my parents. Those were for our Christmas cards, I've been designing ours for the last 2 years. This year as always, I am making a few versions for my mom to pick from. But, these will be available to buy in my Etsy shop, if anyone wants some!

I'm surprised at how fast this year is going, it is already NOVEMBER 10TH! I am so thankful I get 3 weeks (or so) off of school for the holidays! It'll give me plenty of time to get things done before Christmas.

I had a midterm in my History of Rock Music class this past week. I got a 90%! Well one of the sections on the test was to match the song title to the artist, year and genre. One of my favorite songs that was on the test was, Bill Haley & His Comets – Shake, Rattle And Roll
This will be the song of the week :)

We will also look at an old image for the Photograph of the Week! This is from last November, and I love all the colors in it! So fally feeling :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Krachinski | Family

Mandie was drawn to win my 300 Fan/Likes Mini Session giveaway back in July. In September I got to photograph her family! Though it rained for the first 5 minutes, they had a great attitude and we started the session in the rain! This bunch has some talented and crazy flexible kids. I had a blast with them, and I think I got some amazing pictures for them. Look for yourself!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Song and Photograph of the Week - October 27, 2014

Guess what?! One month until Thanksgiving, AND my birthday! As I've been saying, these months have been going by way too fast. If Thanksgiving is coming up, so is Christmas! I'm not ready!

I am taking a History of Rock Music class at PSU this term. We have finally gotten into the 50's and into real rock music. So, the song of the week is going to be an older one :) The Chords – Sh-Boom - Single Version 

My mom has been asking me about getting pictures for her Christmas cards. So I made them stand in the cold (I wasn't that cold, they were just complaining haha) yesterday when it got all sunny and not so blustery! This is just one I got of them!